Kombucha Wonder Drink

In a previous post I wrote about trying Kombucha for the first time…particularly the Live Kombucha Soda click here. Very easy on the palate, smooth and cool going down rounding off with a nice carbonated-like tingle. I honestly couldn’t differentiate the difference between it and an actual can of soda–which I rarely drink. Extremely refreshing!

So I went home, did more research on kombucha and came to a satisfying conclusion that it is VERY good for me and I must have more of it. Much MUCH more!

My second memorable brand experienced was the Kombucha Wonder Drink. *hands raised in momentous silence*  WHAT an experience! Remember last week I said it’s suggested to drink Kombucha 15-20 minutes on an empty stomach? Well let’s just say with this brand I found out AFTER a very strange slurred-tipsy-head-banging experience!

        kombucha wonder drink

 While Kombucha gets its “powers” via a fermenting process there is rarely any alcohol content in the remaining liquid although some brands can contain 0.5% or higher depending on how long it sits out of refrigeration after it was fermented–simply because it will continue to ferment–kinda like wine. This brand seems to contain a trace amount but I figured this out after chugging a 16oz bottle–which clearly spent more time fermenting.  After sleeping off the “Kombucha-Wonder-Drink-haze” and receiving some well-needed advice from 2 Kombucha-drinking-expert friends about the proper way to consume, I had a much better experience and benefits.


The nutritional content of the Kombucha Wonder Drink is definitely more attractive if transitioning to a healthier “low-sugar” drink. With just 50 calories per bottle, and 12 grams of sugar per serving (low compared to a can a soda which has anywhere from 25-60 whopping grams per serving depending on the size), this is a definitely a great option! And although this brand has 10 more calories and 3 grams more sugar than the Live Kombucha Soda (40 calories/ 9 grams sugar), the taste distinctively varies between both with the Kombucha Wonder Drink having less “fizz” while possessing more yeasty undertones. The KWD does have a trace of alcohol (0.5%) which is nothing to worry about.

If you have yet to try Kombucha and you’re planning on starting with this brand, start off with 4-6 oz on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, or between lunch and supper. I found this brand to have more of a detoxing effect for me with initial increased bowel movements…Not a bad thing at all!


My closing synopsis on the Kombucha Wonder Drink: A refreshing blend of fermented organic oolong tea infused with delicious fruit, spiced essences and beautiful yeasty undertones. This brand may be a bit on the strong side for some but still divine in its benefits. I experienced a very relaxing effect and detoxing advantages.

Try it! Try them all and see which Kombucha brand tickles your fancy. They are all different, unique and pleasantly benefiting!



Product Review: KeVita

If you can recall in a previous post I spoke about being obsessed with Kombucha and even after trying numerous brands I find that every single one although different completely rocks my world! Extremely vast in its benefits, Kombucha is something to consider adding into your life if you’re improving your diet and lifestyle! Choc full of B vitamins with palatable flavored undertones from organic teas, each Kombucha brand is unique in its taste and KeVita brand is no exception! This company seems to have figured out the perfect quantities and ingredients to enlighten the taste-buds.


KeVita offers a wide range of drinks from 3 lines: the Master Brew Kombucha, Sparkling Probiotic Drinks, and the Cleansing Probiotic Tonics. I haven’t ventured into all of the lines as yet because I seem to have gotten stuck on 2 flavors of the Master Brew–the Lavender Melon and the Grapefruit.


If I’m struggling to get my day started, the Grapefruit flavor completely brightens my mind, awakens my soul AND brings me into the land of the living; If I’m frazzled, the Lavender Melon somehow seems to soothe, calm, then slowly lulls my brain cells into a comfortable focused state. Having tried most flavors (except maybe 2), I find it interesting how each flavor tastefully provides different AWESOME “feels”. Could be because this brand is masterfully crafted and infused with 80 mg of caffeine, 4 billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units) of live probiotics, 6 different B vitamins, and 6x the organic acids as other leading brands in each bottle. So not only are you getting those wonderful brain sharpening B vitamins that super-charges your focusing power, AND the fabulous fermented gut-goddess, but with each gulp you feel completely alive!


This brand has completely infiltrated my “love-list” and  after 2 sessions of drinking I was completely hooked. Yeah-yeah–could be the caffeine but I’m pretty sure its so much more than that. See…all ingredients used are as “clean” as it comes in the clean-eating movement so all fears can be eliminated in reference to things like colors, flavors and ingredients which tend to be disturbingly low in quality in conventional items and brands. You are simply provided with real ingredients and in the best quality! If you’re into “clean-eating” and beneficial drinks, my closing synopsis is 6 tantalizing reasons to add the KeVita Master Brew Kombucha (and other drinks) into your life:

  1. Completely USDA Certified Organic-all ingredients are free of synthetic pesticides, chemicals, artificial colors, dyes etc…
  2. Verified Non-GMO -no genetic engineered crap here.
  3. Gluten-Free-great for folks with gluten intolerance or Caeliac Disease.
  4. Certified VEGAN-free of all animal products, by-products including DAIRY.
  5. Verified Non-Alcoholic-not many Kombucha brands can substantiate this because of the the fermenting process-so no accidental bubbly-tipsy-lip-slurred experience (I’m saying this from experience lol!)
  6. Sparkly-DELICIOUS-Really-is there any other reason to add anything into your diet and lifestyle?

You can find this brand at both Fresh Market locations so if you’re in the mood, its there waiting for you!

5 Myths Used to Stay UNHEALTHY.

As a health coach I’m baffled by some of the things I hear folks utter to justify unhealthy behaviors. Here’s some of the less bizarre ones:

1.Fruit Makes You FAT. I actually “side-eyed” while I was typing that. Ok. Lets go with this absurdity for a bit. First of all…if fruit is actually making you fat(highly unlikely) HOW MUCH of it are you consuming?! I once had someone tell me fruit made them fat and raised their insulin levels. Now mind you this was uttered (confidently) by said person gripping a can of Pringles and Coke soda… Yeah. Doubt it was the “lack” of fruit that contributed to their weight gain or raising their blood sugar levels but rather a poorly executed diet. If the majority of your diet is plant-based(fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, seeds, legumes) AND you’re physically active, you’re bound to stay lean, healthy and energized! No ifs, buts and maybes about it!berry-1239104_1920

2.Women who lift weights look “Man-ish“. I also “side-eyed” typing this one. While there is the occasional androgynous human or trans-gendered individual who may have undergone changes, unless you’re a dude there really is no reason you would resemble a man-even from lifting weights! There is a common misconception that only men should look “strong” with muscles attached. This is misogynistic (not to be confused with personal preference). Associating muscles strictly to the male figure is ridiculous. All weight-lifting does is help you build muscle, sculpt and tone while developing strength and this is just a few of the benefits! Any woman or man who grows muscles beyond their natural capability and end up looking like a mountain is toppling into the extreme end with which many times unnatural substances, and extreme measures are used to achieve this look. But that is at the least the very extreme! Weight lifting is a great option to push your body to achieve the look you want! WOMEN included!weights-869225_1280

3.Healthy food is expensive.I sighed typing that. First of all, lets establish what FOOD is. If your food is alive…grown from the ground… doesn’t have labels…you’re in a good place! Food is expensive if it isn’t real…if you don’t cook it yourself… if it has negative long-term effects with an added permanent re-occurring doctor stapled to the bill. That’s when it will really cost you! If you do your own meal-prepping…cooking…grow your own food…eat more plant-based…simplify your meals and taste-buds…stick to REAL foods…buy from a local farmer…eat in season…buy in BULK–shucks–PRIORITIZE! There is no reason that healthy food or eating healthy should be expensive.organic-1341558_1280

4.If we’re going to die someday, what’s the point of eating well? I’ve honestly heard this question more times than I care to. Spewing from the mouths of people not particularly concerned about their personal health. Many dis-attached from reality because either they (or their loved ones) haven’t been plagued with a serious illness, or maybe they have been and its kinda expected…who knows. Why eat well? I say the same reason you wouldn’t stand in the middle of a busy highway if you want to live. So yes we’re ALL eventually going to die–but at what age and in what state? You wanna pass over yonder before your time? NO YOU DON’T. Listen. It’s the quality of life that matters!stone-1205248_1920

5.Cutting out/eating less meat makes you weak. I didn’t actually squeal typing that one because I can see how many people would believe this with all the propaganda floating around–many times from doctors and (possibly) well-intended folk. There is plenty evidence supporting the benefits of a meat-free diet so if you are ready to cut back or completely cut out but you’re worried about adequate protein, please know that there are many great plant-based sources of protein (beans, nuts, grains, seeds, veggies and  many other options)! But I’m not here to convince you to give up meat—while that would be wonderful I realize balance is different for many but do know that too much meat consumption will cost you plenty health problems! Click here to learn more!grill-1494192_1920

There is a solution to everything you want to improve in your life. Excuses will only prolong what you may be uncomfortable or unhappy with! Remaining in an unhealthy state is a choice if you are capable of making the changes needed to improve! Lets all drop the excuses and do better because we can!



The Glorious Neem Tree!

Anyone who knows me well know I swear of the miraculous healing of the amazing Neem tree from using the Abaco Neem products. Not only is the quality of these products amazing but the properties are undeniable in their benefits! I know this from years of personal use, testimonials from customers and working along with the company for almost 10 years.

neem tree
Mature Neem tree on the Abaco Neem Farm!

Neem (Azadirachta indica) is a tree native to India with over 4,000 years of recorded uses in Ayurveda Medicine . Thanks to its vast properties, this glorious plant can be used in healing just about anything! Super-charging your immunity, lowering elevated Blood Pressure and Cholesterol, Diabetes (keeping under control), relieving symptoms (pain and swelling) associated with Arthritis, assisting in purification and detoxification, regulating sluggish bowel movement, assisting in relief of symptoms associated with Lyme’s DiseaseRestless Leg Syndrome, speeds up healing time with cuts and wounds, curing numerous skin issues (psoriasis, shingles, scabies, skin cancers, Tinea Versicolor, acne, dandruff) by alleviating the symptoms and prevention of future outbreaks, getting rid of ticks and fleas , naturally repelling hundreds of insects (mosquitoes, sand-flies etc.), assisting in healing, cure and prevention of AIDSHeart Disease, Malaria, Dental Care (Periodontal Disease, Gingivitis, Toothache, Halitosis etc) and so much more! Thanks to the numerous medicinal properties (anti-viral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-histamine-just to name a few) the Neem plant is versatile and beneficial to all living things.

All parts of the plant is used including the flower, bark, leaves and seeds from the fruit.

Neem Flowers (smells like Jasmine!)


Neem Fruit (DELICIOUS)!


Neem Seeds!


neem leaf bark
Neem Bark!

I have used Neem products for over 10 years and can attest to the wonderful benefits using internally and externally. Diminished sleep issues, my immune system stays super-charged, keeps my skin moisturized, protected from mosquitoes, heals sunburns, cuts, bruises, wounds, amazing for inflammation, aches and pains, helps to restore, regenerate, and heal the body at a cellular level! The beauty about Neem is the medicinal properties makes it adaptogenic helping it adapt to your bodies specific needs by encouraging and enhancing your body’s natural healing response. In a sense this makes the plant beneficial for many issues.

Green Neem fruit

Neem is a great herb to add into your supplement regime- in ANY form—tea, capsules, powder, oil, or conveniently packaged products. Either way your body will benefit!  Remember: The beauty about using natural herbs is the benefits you can receive in prevention. Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure!

Neem flowers in full bloom!

You can find the fantastic Abaco Neem  products here at Solomon’s Fresh Market! For more information on Neem click here!



Reboot Your Health in 3 Easy Steps!

As humans we tend to complicate things that should be quite simple especially when it comes to personal health. Instinctively we know what we need to do (or not do) to improve our health but we make it unnecessarily difficult by adding excuses into the equation. Here’s 3 easy steps to break it all the way down and get started!

  1. Acknowledge what the issue is. Lacking energy? Need to drop some pounds? Not sleeping soundly? Eating habits need a face-lift? What you instinctively know or feel you could do to improve your health is what you could start with. Most of us will admit what we are not doing that we could be to improve our health and vice versa! Acknowledge it, write it down and move on to step 2.writing-1209700_1280
  1. Make a plan to execute. If losing weight is your health goal, plan weekly how you intend to go about losing that weight. What physical activity would you enjoy adding into your lifestyle? What food habits do you need to change? How do you intend to do this? What days will you dedicate to execution? Write it down and KEEP IT SIMPLE. If walking is your first goal, plan which 2-3 days you will walk, what time of day you will walk, and how long you intend to walk. The start of your plan could look something like this:

           Mon                     Wed                         Fri

           6:00-6:45            6:00-6:45               6:00-6:45


   3. Start! Now while I admit this may be easier said than done, getting motivated is the key. Do you have a vision of what success looks like in this area for you? If the goal is losing weight, buy a pair of jeans or skirt you would like to fit into (one size down), hang it close to your mirror so you see it daily. This will subconsciously motivate you every time you see it. Set your alarm before you go to bed! One trick is to keep your alarm clock far away from your bed so when it goes off you have to get up and turn it off. This will ensure you get up! NO EXCUSES!


Only focus on one day at a time until you have actually started and then slowly increase your efforts, intentions and days! But keep it simple and start with little goals. These will add up to contribute to your long term goal with sustainable results. If you need more help sign up here for personalized care!


7 Steps to Electrify Your Salads!

If you’re attempting to eat healthier by adding more produce into your diet, salads are an easy way to get started! Just try not to get suck into salad drudgery with a load of cheese and a hint of lettuce and tomatoes. Not knocking these options (except the equation quantities) but there are so much more to salads beside iceberg lettuce and tomato with cheese. Here are some options to consider adding to your salad that will not only knock your socks off, but give you energized delicious nutritious satisfaction.

  1. Start with a layer of fresh Mixed Greens. While iceberg lettuce is an option to have in this round, try to be a little more daring with some other greens! This can come in the form of many vibrant options like arugula (rocket), green & red romaine lettuce, kale, radicchio, butter lettuce, spinach, cabbage, even sprouts! There are so many options to choose from! This is what you want to layer with first.top-view-1248955_1920
  2. Add in some color. Options can include purple onions, bell peppers (yellow, green, red), shredded carrots, broccoli, banana peppers etc. You can go crazy on this round.paprika-597164_1280
  3. Add chewy sweetness. Craisins (dried cranberries), raisins, mango chunks, avocado pieces, dried fruit, shucks even chocolate bits (don’t judge me):D. This step will add the element that takes your crunch and fresh greens to that next level. If you’re not sure about this step just start with one option like raisins.love-973904_1280
  4. Throw in dried nuts to enhance the chewy sweetness equation. Dried peanuts, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds etc. There are many fantastic nuts/seeds to choose from and in many forms—sweet, savory, a hint of salt (just watch the amount), hot or spicy…mix it up and try different forms!cashew-nut-1098177_1280
  5. Ditch the meat and add in Beans or tofu cubes instead.While chicken, beef or fish strips are common choices for salads, remember protein comes in many fantastic plant base options. Perfect for your meat-free days and adding the energy you need to finish the rest of your day!agriculture-315511_1280
  6. Add in cooked Grains/Seeds. Quinoa, Couscous, Barley, Millet, Buckwheat, Wild Rice…I’m ALL about that grain life! And just so you know, Quinoa and Couscous aren’t technically grains but more seed like and they are perfect for filling out that salad and adding energizing satiety. These seeds absorb all the flavors of ingredients in your mix while enhancing your meal and filling you up! Quinoa with cooked chickpeas(garbanzo beans) is a personal favorite added to filling out my salad bowls.couscous-727492_1280
  7. Dress your salad to complete and transform the layering process. For this step you do not need bottled salad dressing. Start with your basics: a drizzle of Olive Oil, apple cider or balsamic vinegar, a squeeze of lime, honey, pepper flakes, fresh basil, garlic powder (or fresh garlic bits), and any fresh herbs.You can pick whatever you like to add the zing to your zang!food-424537_1280


Experiment with your layering process! You can add in more options, subtract what you don’t want/like, and eat more of what you do. There are so many things you can add to each step but the key is not settling. When you keep mixing your options you will find that there are many exciting ways to swap bland lettuce and tomatoes for a colorful dramatic dish bursting with robust flavors, dynamic ingredients, and interesting textures. When it comes to completing your salad, remember to stick to simple ingredients to subtly enhance flavors which will come together to add an element of elegance to your meal.

So here you have some ideas to get your salad game on the next time you’re on Fresh Market’s salad bar. And don’t forget the cold box (in between the sandwich bar and hot box) for some unique grain options!

A COOL Alternative to Coffee

If you’re a reformed coffee drinker like me, you may have had a tumultuous love/hate relationship with the caffeine induced beverage AND you’ve probably quit and restarted numerous times. For me the inevitable “crash” was what usually kicked me all the way to half-hearted quitting attempts. It was the way my mouth watered when that heavenly aroma tickled my nose that became the kryptonite to my barely contained self-control. “If only it didn’t come with the crashing” I remember moaning to a friend who caught me in a frazzled state and demanded that I give up the goods because I had morphed into a dinosaur. Luckily for me, this demand was my defining moment so when I launched into Sha King’s 21 Day Cleanse in May 2015 I never went back (yay for my 1 year coffee abstinence!).  In the beginning I had hair-rising withdrawals and desperately wanted to revert, but somehow always made an effort to settle for something else. This lead me to my newest discovery: RUNA.

runa energy drink

The perfect alternative for any wanna-be-reformed-coffee drinker. Each 14oz bottle contains the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee AND the delicious advantage here is NO CRASH! Yesssss….*finger snap* Its magic! Okay maybe not magic but more Guayusa–the leaf used to make Runa beverages. Guayusa contains natural caffeine elements so you get that energy–clean energy as Runa calls it–no crash and double the antioxidants of Green Tea. Another awesome thing about Guayusa is that it contains all the essential amino acids that your body needs, doesn’t produce and can only be supplemented via dietary sources. Pretty AWESOME added benefits!


Now that we’ve established that Guayusa is pretty darn good for you(nutritionally) lets talk about the taste. Sorta earthy, with interesting undertones but mildly delightful especially if you drink it ice cold on a hot summer’s day. If you’re a regular tea drinker, Runa is perfect to add to your list of cold or hot tea blends. If you’re accustomed to fist-smashing sugary liquids the bottled, tin or boxed options may not jump out at you in the beginning but the energy drinks may be more along your preference. Runa is the perfect substitute for Diabetics, anyone looking to curb/transition away from sugar induced beverages but need a few steps in-between, perfect for athletes or active peeps who want that extra zing but cant stand the down-side of caffeine.

With 9 bottled flavors, 3 canned energy drinks, 6 loose tea leaves, 3 infusers in tins and 4 boxed options under their belt, Runa has quite the options for you to get your clean fix! So while the debate can go on about caffeine and its benefits or NOT lets agree for now that quality and source makes any product superior in all ways shape and form. Something Runa has definitely achieved in its very young existence.


Its the BOMB-bucha!!!

So I recently (at least a year now) discovered the most exquisite nectar of the gods. It contains all the desired elements that make any liquid going into my body worth thinking or even writing about. Ridiculous super-cool name…enormous health benefits…refreshing…and of-course full of delicious nutritious goodness!  Its KOMBUCHA!

So what exactly what is this Kombucha thingie? Well, its tea that ferments via a process of a Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast (aka SCOBY–live bacteria) feeding off cane sugar and in the end turns into this marvelous fizzy dynamic drink jam-packed full of energizing vitamins, nutrients with an added host of healthy benefits!

I can say that after drinking Kombucha for about a year, some of the benefits that I have experienced are phenomenal! Increased energy, mental clarity, balanced hormones, detoxification, settling upset stomach, improved digestion as needed, and Immunity enhancing. Did I mention the “good-feels” that kicks in 5-10 minutes after you drink it? Ahhhmaze-balls!!! Now based on what I’ve researched, heard and read about, the benefits of this drink is vast—with some lucky folks stating that they even cured debilitating health issues!


The first Kombucha brand I tried was the glorious Live Kombucha Soda–which to this day remains my favorite.

How can I describe how delicious and refreshing this brand is? With just the perfect pinch of sweetness infused into familiar flavors, it rounds off and ends with a refreshing fizzy bang! *moment of silence in memory* This drink has it all. About 5-10 minutes after sipping away, you will feel a slow sensational ebb of serotonin, and much more awesome “feels” as needed! I think I mentioned this earlier but so worth repeating. If you’ve experienced the Kombucha buzz you will forgive me. If you haven’t you just need to!

Some suggest that the best time to drink Kombucha is 15-20 minutes on an empty stomach before or after a meal. Well before I knew this, I tried Live Kombucha Soda mid-lunch and had no ill effects. This brand is fine for consuming with a meal. Next week I will talk about another brand that this suggestion works better with.

My closing synopsis on the glorious Live Kombucha Soda: Its the BOMB-bucha! (thanks Angie for the clever terminology :)If you need a refreshing thirst quencher on a hot summer’s day, this is gold! If you’re a soda addict needing a transitory product that wont kill your vibe and send you propelling deeper into “soda-destruction”, this is the one that will supercharge your willpower. With flavors like Revive Root Beer, Culture Cola, and Pure Doctor, you wont have any problem giving up that soda game! Shucks…It probably will be impossible to tell the difference between this and the real thing!


4 Tips to Increase Your Energy!

A few years ago my life was kinda struggly. Not struggly in terms of not-making-it-struggly, but struggly as in oh-my-gawwwwwdddd-I’m-so-tired-body-drag-yawwwwwnnn kinda struggly. I had zero energy! It was a constant battle just to get through the day. I would down a cup of coffee as I started my day and by mid-day I was struggling just to get through the remainder of my duties. So I would reach for the sugary sweets and energy drinks for a quick burst to end the day promptly. Needless to say by the time I got home I was a wired hangry (hungry+angry) ball of negative volts zapping anyone who came within a mile of my presence. Yes I knew these were terrible energy enhancers to indulge in but believe me, I continued on this horrible path until I found myself completely burnt out. This was when I decided to make a real effort to change my horrible habits. About a year later, I was enjoying the benefits of being energized in healthier ways and could actually feel the difference! Here is what I did to increase my energy:

  • Get Proper Rest at night!

Nothing quite effectively ruins a productive day like a tired ole sour puss. If tossing and turning is ruining your nightly rest AND you’re waking up sour-faced, you need to figure out WHY and remedy ASAP! Lack of sleep could be the very key why everything is going wrong in your life. Your body is like an engine. It requires fuel, maintenance, regulation, repair, and rest. Constantly depriving your body of rest will eventually catch up with you and manifest itself in some pretty nasty ways. And I’m not just talking about the newly acquired raccoon-rimmed eyes and “staaanky-butt” attitude (because lack of sleep will morph you into a miserable human being). Studies show that sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain, Diabetes, clumsiness, fatigue, irritability, heart disease and many other issues that will interfere with your life. Come on folks! Nobody wants to be known as the face-eating dragon at work nor do you want added health issues. Choose the calm! Set a time to go to bed. When you do, turn off ALL electronics and drift off. If you have trouble falling asleep use an herbal sleep aid 30 minutes before going to bed. Popular options include Chamomile tea, Valerian root, or  Neem Leaf Capsules (all of which I’ve had great success with for sleep issues in the past). Melatonin, L-Tryptophan or 5-HTP are also other options that are known to work well (as with all things do your research and check with your doctor if you’re on medication, pregnant, nursing or have a serious illness before starting anything new). Aim to get 6-8 hours of sleep every night. You will awaken refreshed and ready to get started conquering the world! sleeping-1159279_1920


  • Eat Breakfast!

Step 2 in ruining a productive day is skipping breakfast (or any meal for that matter). You will not get very far and overtime you will end up on a very slippery slope starting with your metabolism (eating breakfast helps you to maintain a healthy weight and stabilize your blood sugar levels). I remember when I was queen NBE: “No-Breakfast-Ever”. But yet I couldn’t figure out why it was so difficult to focus or concentrate. My irritation levels were through the roof and my energy was extremely depleted; the perfect set-up for my junk food-sugar addiction. If your body is an engine and food is fuel, try to imagine the impossible task of skipping meals (fuel), working (burning energy/fuel) attempting to accomplish ANYTHING. You are only setting yourself up for inevitable spazz-outs (irritation on steroids), unhealthy junk-food (usually sugary) binges and overeating when lunch rolls around (not productive for anyone attempting to lose weight). When you eat breakfast, you are breaking the longest fast between your last meal and rest. So imagine attempting to run your body like a car low on fuel and trying to get to your next destination. You won’t get very far. You need food (fuel) to run your body (engine). Stop playing games with your health and treat your body better than that million dollar ‘64 Ferrari! You are worth SO much more!  bowl-of-fruit-1205155_1920 

  • Eat foods that energize you!

You need to understand the impact the TYPES of foods you consume has on YOUR body and how they affect YOU (long and short-term). When I was young, foolish, and had no concept of my mortality, it was nothing to regularly devour junk food, energy drinks and sugary sweets without a care in the world. But for the life of me I couldn’t understand why I didn’t have energy unless I downed a couple Monster drinks and irnoically the energy would still fizz away eventually. Why? I didn’t fully understand what these foods were doing to my body until I changed to a healthier, wholesome REAL food diet and felt the difference. I exchanged the chips, sweets, energy drinks, and chocolate bars for fruits, veggies, nuts, whole foods, scheduled meals and healthier habits. I looked better, my skin glowed, and I felt great accomplishing so much more! This is something everyone has to experience for themselves.  foodiesfeed.com_creative-vegetarina-meal


  • Supplements/Natural Alternatives.

While good quality foods assist in providing natural energy sometimes you just need a little bit more. The truth is, there are many factors besides food and rest that can affect your energy levels. This is where supplements or natural alternatives can assist. If you are lacking in vitamins or minerals this can affect your energy levels and the way your body functions. Everyone can benefit from a good quality multi-vitamin with added antioxidants and probiotics for maintenance.Taking multi-vitamins can ensure that you’re not lacking the recommended amounts needed if your diet(food) is poor, or you’re not eating properly. After I added in supplements (multi-vitamin, immune enhancer, Vitamin B12)  my energy levels were insanely high and barely depleted during the day. I did this for 3 months and noticed the difference when I ran out of my supplements one by one. Yes—I quickly restocked and life was grand and energized again!  capsule-1079838_1920

These adjustments changed my life! Getting proper rest at night, starting my day with breakfast, eating scheduled high-energy whole-food meals on time and adding in supplements. I felt wonderful, balanced and most importantly energized to get through my day. Everyone is different but if you’re having the “I-need-energy-struggly-life” then these are a few tips that may just enhance your life for the better!

7 Steps to Improve Your Health!

I’m always excited with a new year because it signifies changes, transitions, new beginnings, more goals and self-reflection. This is the time when some of us are looking back over the ended year feeling satisfied at what was accomplished but some of us may be feeling some kind of way because well…we didn’t really accomplish what we wanted. Buckle up folks! Every day that will pass this year (even tomorrow) is a chance to move a bit closer to whatever your goals are!

Here are 7 tips to help you accomplish your health goals in 2016. dreadlocks-1169010_1920


  1. Quit the New Year’s Resolutions. How many years of setting NYRs (over-reaching with unrealistic timelines) and early-year bombs will it take before you sit your butt down and be honest with yourself? If you didn’t make it to March with any progress, just stop. Quit setting yourself up for failure and enjoy success by settling for daily goals. One system that works well for me I call the good ole list, tick, and roll-over  method. Every morning before I start my day (while having breakfast, coffee or tea) I list 5 goals from highest priority to lowest and tick each one as I knock them out. Pen and paper works just as well but if you’re into technology an app like Google Keep(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.keep&hl=en) works well.This is the one that I use. You can find it on Google Play if you’re an Android user or the App store if you’re an Apple user. Anything that doesn’t get done isn’t ticked and “rolls-over” onto tomorrow’s list. This method helps me track my daily progress and over time adds up. It’s amazing how much I accomplish every year. Try and let me know what you think!                                   checklist-911840_1280
  1. Be more physically active. Is your un-official job description “becoming one with the office chair”? Are you sitting down all day for work, sitting in your car to drive home to sit at the dinner table then ending your day couch potato style in front of the TV eventually crawling into bed? If this resembles your daily routine AND you’re consuming unhealthy junky food in the process, shucks darling, this is messing you up! While most have to work for a living, there are those of us who have jobs staring at computers (or people) for 8 hours (or more) completely stationary. The interruptions like getting up and moving interferes with your progress. It’s a hassle, I get it, but gotta break it to you. This will eventually be the kryptonite to your metabolism. Quit with the SIT! If you need that job (duh—DON’T QUIT) find solutions to become more physically active.For health’s sake, do something physical before or after work (hike, walk, run, dance, garden, yoga etc.). Whatever best fits your schedule and interest.  Make an effort to have routine walks throughout the day. Take those stairs instead of the elevator, walk briskly to and from where-EVER you have to go, or take a quick walk after lunch. What-EVER you can do–DO IT! Physical activity is one of the healthiest most affordable ways to maintain a healthy weight.runner-888016_1280
  1. Stick to “real” foods! Stay away from overly processed, packaged, sugary, salty, chemically colored, taste altered, preservative infused food-like products pumped full of additives and weird stuff you can’t pronounce. You know what I mean? These “food-like” products not only confuse your taste-buds, annihilate your metabolism but will also cause health issues later in life. If you could track the original source of many popular packaged food items, you would be shocked to see and taste the original source in its natural form minus all the “take-aways” and “add-ins”. Many of us love these kinds of food-like products and rarely stop to think about what constant consumption does to our health long-term. Remember, our taste buds learn to love what we continually eat so lets stick to real foods (minimally processed) and there won’t be any awful addictions or issues. food-1150029_1920
  1. Drink more WATER. If your goal is to lose and maintain an ideal weight, don’t confuse being healthier and losing weight by swapping meals for juice or drinks. While these may be better alternatives to sodas(only slightly better), they will never measure up to water when it comes to quenching thirst! Ever noticed when you’re thirsty and you drink water you’re immediately satisfied? Because water is what our bodies are designed to drink. Think about it. NONE of us would die if we couldn’t find a favorite can of soda but see how long any of us last without water. Not something anyone wants to attempt. So while the occasional beverages won’t kill us, they should never outnumber the quantity of water we consume daily. Many popular beverages are loaded with addicting additives and sugar (unnecessary calories) which over time will creep up on the waist-line and all those other places we don’t want. So simplify all of this. Let us all teach our bodies to appreciate water! This was put on the planet naturally for all living things so lets enjoy it and the benefits. glass-1206584_1920
  1. Hold yourself accountable. Whatever you goal is this year it will be much easier to accomplish if you hold yourself accountable. An easy way to do this is to find a reliable friend who can check in with you every week to see if you’re sticking to your plans or find a health-coach (I just happen to be one!). Health-coaches can help you accomplish what you set out to do because that’s WHAT we do for a living! One advantage is, we won’t let friendship come in the way of calling you out (albeit gently/firmly) to keep you on top of your game and progressing. Plus we have great ideas to help you succeed! (sign up here!)  park-289087_1920
  1. Give yourself time. If weight-loss is your goal this year, remember it took time for that weight to climb so be patient and give yourself a realistic time-line to lose it in a healthy sustainable manner. During this process develop healthy habits. This will ensure the weight goes and stay away. If you need ideas on ways to develop healthy habits sign up here for a free consultation with yours truly! pocket-watches-436567_1920
  1. Enjoy Your Down-Time!!! If harmony and balance is your goal, this is one requirement definitely needed! There is absolutely nothing sexy about becoming a certified work-a-holic. Just ask the millions of kids, spouses, family and friends who’ve been sacrificed and neglected over the years (yourself included if it applies). Please don’t add to the statistics! Do an exceptional job while AT work and when you leave for the day, leave the work where it belongs (your workplace) and I mean mentally and physically. It will be there when you return. Take your off time for what it is—YOUR time and do something fun! Go hiking, travel, go to the beach, start a garden, pick up an exciting hobby, volunteer or just enjoy the simple things in life. It will add some spice to your life 🙂