7 Steps to Improve Your Health!

I’m always excited with a new year because it signifies changes, transitions, new beginnings, more goals and self-reflection. This is the time when some of us are looking back over the ended year feeling satisfied at what was accomplished but some of us may be feeling some kind of way because well…we didn’t really accomplish what we wanted. Buckle up folks! Every day that will pass this year (even tomorrow) is a chance to move a bit closer to whatever your goals are!

Here are 7 tips to help you accomplish your health goals in 2016. dreadlocks-1169010_1920


  1. Quit the New Year’s Resolutions. How many years of setting NYRs (over-reaching with unrealistic timelines) and early-year bombs will it take before you sit your butt down and be honest with yourself? If you didn’t make it to March with any progress, just stop. Quit setting yourself up for failure and enjoy success by settling for daily goals. One system that works well for me I call the good ole list, tick, and roll-over  method. Every morning before I start my day (while having breakfast, coffee or tea) I list 5 goals from highest priority to lowest and tick each one as I knock them out. Pen and paper works just as well but if you’re into technology an app like Google Keep(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.keep&hl=en) works well.This is the one that I use. You can find it on Google Play if you’re an Android user or the App store if you’re an Apple user. Anything that doesn’t get done isn’t ticked and “rolls-over” onto tomorrow’s list. This method helps me track my daily progress and over time adds up. It’s amazing how much I accomplish every year. Try and let me know what you think!                                   checklist-911840_1280
  1. Be more physically active. Is your un-official job description “becoming one with the office chair”? Are you sitting down all day for work, sitting in your car to drive home to sit at the dinner table then ending your day couch potato style in front of the TV eventually crawling into bed? If this resembles your daily routine AND you’re consuming unhealthy junky food in the process, shucks darling, this is messing you up! While most have to work for a living, there are those of us who have jobs staring at computers (or people) for 8 hours (or more) completely stationary. The interruptions like getting up and moving interferes with your progress. It’s a hassle, I get it, but gotta break it to you. This will eventually be the kryptonite to your metabolism. Quit with the SIT! If you need that job (duh—DON’T QUIT) find solutions to become more physically active.For health’s sake, do something physical before or after work (hike, walk, run, dance, garden, yoga etc.). Whatever best fits your schedule and interest.  Make an effort to have routine walks throughout the day. Take those stairs instead of the elevator, walk briskly to and from where-EVER you have to go, or take a quick walk after lunch. What-EVER you can do–DO IT! Physical activity is one of the healthiest most affordable ways to maintain a healthy weight.runner-888016_1280
  1. Stick to “real” foods! Stay away from overly processed, packaged, sugary, salty, chemically colored, taste altered, preservative infused food-like products pumped full of additives and weird stuff you can’t pronounce. You know what I mean? These “food-like” products not only confuse your taste-buds, annihilate your metabolism but will also cause health issues later in life. If you could track the original source of many popular packaged food items, you would be shocked to see and taste the original source in its natural form minus all the “take-aways” and “add-ins”. Many of us love these kinds of food-like products and rarely stop to think about what constant consumption does to our health long-term. Remember, our taste buds learn to love what we continually eat so lets stick to real foods (minimally processed) and there won’t be any awful addictions or issues. food-1150029_1920
  1. Drink more WATER. If your goal is to lose and maintain an ideal weight, don’t confuse being healthier and losing weight by swapping meals for juice or drinks. While these may be better alternatives to sodas(only slightly better), they will never measure up to water when it comes to quenching thirst! Ever noticed when you’re thirsty and you drink water you’re immediately satisfied? Because water is what our bodies are designed to drink. Think about it. NONE of us would die if we couldn’t find a favorite can of soda but see how long any of us last without water. Not something anyone wants to attempt. So while the occasional beverages won’t kill us, they should never outnumber the quantity of water we consume daily. Many popular beverages are loaded with addicting additives and sugar (unnecessary calories) which over time will creep up on the waist-line and all those other places we don’t want. So simplify all of this. Let us all teach our bodies to appreciate water! This was put on the planet naturally for all living things so lets enjoy it and the benefits. glass-1206584_1920
  1. Hold yourself accountable. Whatever you goal is this year it will be much easier to accomplish if you hold yourself accountable. An easy way to do this is to find a reliable friend who can check in with you every week to see if you’re sticking to your plans or find a health-coach (I just happen to be one!). Health-coaches can help you accomplish what you set out to do because that’s WHAT we do for a living! One advantage is, we won’t let friendship come in the way of calling you out (albeit gently/firmly) to keep you on top of your game and progressing. Plus we have great ideas to help you succeed! (sign up here!)  park-289087_1920
  1. Give yourself time. If weight-loss is your goal this year, remember it took time for that weight to climb so be patient and give yourself a realistic time-line to lose it in a healthy sustainable manner. During this process develop healthy habits. This will ensure the weight goes and stay away. If you need ideas on ways to develop healthy habits sign up here for a free consultation with yours truly! pocket-watches-436567_1920
  1. Enjoy Your Down-Time!!! If harmony and balance is your goal, this is one requirement definitely needed! There is absolutely nothing sexy about becoming a certified work-a-holic. Just ask the millions of kids, spouses, family and friends who’ve been sacrificed and neglected over the years (yourself included if it applies). Please don’t add to the statistics! Do an exceptional job while AT work and when you leave for the day, leave the work where it belongs (your workplace) and I mean mentally and physically. It will be there when you return. Take your off time for what it is—YOUR time and do something fun! Go hiking, travel, go to the beach, start a garden, pick up an exciting hobby, volunteer or just enjoy the simple things in life. It will add some spice to your life 🙂




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