Its the BOMB-bucha!!!

So I recently (at least a year now) discovered the most exquisite nectar of the gods. It contains all the desired elements that make any liquid going into my body worth thinking or even writing about. Ridiculous super-cool name…enormous health benefits…refreshing…and of-course full of delicious nutritious goodness!  Its KOMBUCHA!

So what exactly what is this Kombucha thingie? Well, its tea that ferments via a process of a Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast (aka SCOBY–live bacteria) feeding off cane sugar and in the end turns into this marvelous fizzy dynamic drink jam-packed full of energizing vitamins, nutrients with an added host of healthy benefits!

I can say that after drinking Kombucha for about a year, some of the benefits that I have experienced are phenomenal! Increased energy, mental clarity, balanced hormones, detoxification, settling upset stomach, improved digestion as needed, and Immunity enhancing. Did I mention the “good-feels” that kicks in 5-10 minutes after you drink it? Ahhhmaze-balls!!! Now based on what I’ve researched, heard and read about, the benefits of this drink is vast—with some lucky folks stating that they even cured debilitating health issues!


The first Kombucha brand I tried was the glorious Live Kombucha Soda–which to this day remains my favorite.

How can I describe how delicious and refreshing this brand is? With just the perfect pinch of sweetness infused into familiar flavors, it rounds off and ends with a refreshing fizzy bang! *moment of silence in memory* This drink has it all. About 5-10 minutes after sipping away, you will feel a slow sensational ebb of serotonin, and much more awesome “feels” as needed! I think I mentioned this earlier but so worth repeating. If you’ve experienced the Kombucha buzz you will forgive me. If you haven’t you just need to!

Some suggest that the best time to drink Kombucha is 15-20 minutes on an empty stomach before or after a meal. Well before I knew this, I tried Live Kombucha Soda mid-lunch and had no ill effects. This brand is fine for consuming with a meal. Next week I will talk about another brand that this suggestion works better with.

My closing synopsis on the glorious Live Kombucha Soda: Its the BOMB-bucha! (thanks Angie for the clever terminology :)If you need a refreshing thirst quencher on a hot summer’s day, this is gold! If you’re a soda addict needing a transitory product that wont kill your vibe and send you propelling deeper into “soda-destruction”, this is the one that will supercharge your willpower. With flavors like Revive Root Beer, Culture Cola, and Pure Doctor, you wont have any problem giving up that soda game! Shucks…It probably will be impossible to tell the difference between this and the real thing!


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