A COOL Alternative to Coffee

If you’re a reformed coffee drinker like me, you may have had a tumultuous love/hate relationship with the caffeine induced beverage AND you’ve probably quit and restarted numerous times. For me the inevitable “crash” was what usually kicked me all the way to half-hearted quitting attempts. It was the way my mouth watered when that heavenly aroma tickled my nose that became the kryptonite to my barely contained self-control. “If only it didn’t come with the crashing” I remember moaning to a friend who caught me in a frazzled state and demanded that I give up the goods because I had morphed into a dinosaur. Luckily for me, this demand was my defining moment so when I launched into Sha King’s 21 Day Cleanse in May 2015 I never went back (yay for my 1 year coffee abstinence!).  In the beginning I had hair-rising withdrawals and desperately wanted to revert, but somehow always made an effort to settle for something else. This lead me to my newest discovery: RUNA.

runa energy drink

The perfect alternative for any wanna-be-reformed-coffee drinker. Each 14oz bottle contains the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee AND the delicious advantage here is NO CRASH! Yesssss….*finger snap* Its magic! Okay maybe not magic but more Guayusa–the leaf used to make Runa beverages. Guayusa contains natural caffeine elements so you get that energy–clean energy as Runa calls it–no crash and double the antioxidants of Green Tea. Another awesome thing about Guayusa is that it contains all the essential amino acids that your body needs, doesn’t produce and can only be supplemented via dietary sources. Pretty AWESOME added benefits!


Now that we’ve established that Guayusa is pretty darn good for you(nutritionally) lets talk about the taste. Sorta earthy, with interesting undertones but mildly delightful especially if you drink it ice cold on a hot summer’s day. If you’re a regular tea drinker, Runa is perfect to add to your list of cold or hot tea blends. If you’re accustomed to fist-smashing sugary liquids the bottled, tin or boxed options may not jump out at you in the beginning but the energy drinks may be more along your preference. Runa is the perfect substitute for Diabetics, anyone looking to curb/transition away from sugar induced beverages but need a few steps in-between, perfect for athletes or active peeps who want that extra zing but cant stand the down-side of caffeine.

With 9 bottled flavors, 3 canned energy drinks, 6 loose tea leaves, 3 infusers in tins and 4 boxed options under their belt, Runa has quite the options for you to get your clean fix! So while the debate can go on about caffeine and its benefits or NOT lets agree for now that quality and source makes any product superior in all ways shape and form. Something Runa has definitely achieved in its very young existence.



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