Reboot Your Health in 3 Easy Steps!

As humans we tend to complicate things that should be quite simple especially when it comes to personal health. Instinctively we know what we need to do (or not do) to improve our health but we make it unnecessarily difficult by adding excuses into the equation. Here’s 3 easy steps to break it all the way down and get started!

  1. Acknowledge what the issue is. Lacking energy? Need to drop some pounds? Not sleeping soundly? Eating habits need a face-lift? What you instinctively know or feel you could do to improve your health is what you could start with. Most of us will admit what we are not doing that we could be to improve our health and vice versa! Acknowledge it, write it down and move on to step 2.writing-1209700_1280
  1. Make a plan to execute. If losing weight is your health goal, plan weekly how you intend to go about losing that weight. What physical activity would you enjoy adding into your lifestyle? What food habits do you need to change? How do you intend to do this? What days will you dedicate to execution? Write it down and KEEP IT SIMPLE. If walking is your first goal, plan which 2-3 days you will walk, what time of day you will walk, and how long you intend to walk. The start of your plan could look something like this:

           Mon                     Wed                         Fri

           6:00-6:45            6:00-6:45               6:00-6:45


   3. Start! Now while I admit this may be easier said than done, getting motivated is the key. Do you have a vision of what success looks like in this area for you? If the goal is losing weight, buy a pair of jeans or skirt you would like to fit into (one size down), hang it close to your mirror so you see it daily. This will subconsciously motivate you every time you see it. Set your alarm before you go to bed! One trick is to keep your alarm clock far away from your bed so when it goes off you have to get up and turn it off. This will ensure you get up! NO EXCUSES!


Only focus on one day at a time until you have actually started and then slowly increase your efforts, intentions and days! But keep it simple and start with little goals. These will add up to contribute to your long term goal with sustainable results. If you need more help sign up here for personalized care!



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