5 Myths Used to Stay UNHEALTHY.

As a health coach I’m baffled by some of the things I hear folks utter to justify unhealthy behaviors. Here’s some of the less bizarre ones:

1.Fruit Makes You FAT. I actually “side-eyed” while I was typing that. Ok. Lets go with this absurdity for a bit. First of all…if fruit is actually making you fat(highly unlikely) HOW MUCH of it are you consuming?! I once had someone tell me fruit made them fat and raised their insulin levels. Now mind you this was uttered (confidently) by said person gripping a can of Pringles and Coke soda… Yeah. Doubt it was the “lack” of fruit that contributed to their weight gain or raising their blood sugar levels but rather a poorly executed diet. If the majority of your diet is plant-based(fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, seeds, legumes) AND you’re physically active, you’re bound to stay lean, healthy and energized! No ifs, buts and maybes about it!berry-1239104_1920

2.Women who lift weights look “Man-ish“. I also “side-eyed” typing this one. While there is the occasional androgynous human or trans-gendered individual who may have undergone changes, unless you’re a dude there really is no reason you would resemble a man-even from lifting weights! There is a common misconception that only men should look “strong” with muscles attached. This is misogynistic (not to be confused with personal preference). Associating muscles strictly to the male figure is ridiculous. All weight-lifting does is help you build muscle, sculpt and tone while developing strength and this is just a few of the benefits! Any woman or man who grows muscles beyond their natural capability and end up looking like a mountain is toppling into the extreme end with which many times unnatural substances, and extreme measures are used to achieve this look. But that is at the least the very extreme! Weight lifting is a great option to push your body to achieve the look you want! WOMEN included!weights-869225_1280

3.Healthy food is expensive.I sighed typing that. First of all, lets establish what FOOD is. If your food is alive…grown from the ground… doesn’t have labels…you’re in a good place! Food is expensive if it isn’t real…if you don’t cook it yourself… if it has negative long-term effects with an added permanent re-occurring doctor stapled to the bill. That’s when it will really cost you! If you do your own meal-prepping…cooking…grow your own food…eat more plant-based…simplify your meals and taste-buds…stick to REAL foods…buy from a local farmer…eat in season…buy in BULK–shucks–PRIORITIZE! There is no reason that healthy food or eating healthy should be expensive.organic-1341558_1280

4.If we’re going to die someday, what’s the point of eating well? I’ve honestly heard this question more times than I care to. Spewing from the mouths of people not particularly concerned about their personal health. Many dis-attached from reality because either they (or their loved ones) haven’t been plagued with a serious illness, or maybe they have been and its kinda expected…who knows. Why eat well? I say the same reason you wouldn’t stand in the middle of a busy highway if you want to live. So yes we’re ALL eventually going to die–but at what age and in what state? You wanna pass over yonder before your time? NO YOU DON’T. Listen. It’s the quality of life that matters!stone-1205248_1920

5.Cutting out/eating less meat makes you weak. I didn’t actually squeal typing that one because I can see how many people would believe this with all the propaganda floating around–many times from doctors and (possibly) well-intended folk. There is plenty evidence supporting the benefits of a meat-free diet so if you are ready to cut back or completely cut out but you’re worried about adequate protein, please know that there are many great plant-based sources of protein (beans, nuts, grains, seeds, veggies and  many other options)! But I’m not here to convince you to give up meat—while that would be wonderful I realize balance is different for many but do know that too much meat consumption will cost you plenty health problems! Click here to learn more!grill-1494192_1920

There is a solution to everything you want to improve in your life. Excuses will only prolong what you may be uncomfortable or unhappy with! Remaining in an unhealthy state is a choice if you are capable of making the changes needed to improve! Lets all drop the excuses and do better because we can!




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