Product Review: KeVita

If you can recall in a previous post I spoke about being obsessed with Kombucha and even after trying numerous brands I find that every single one although different completely rocks my world! Extremely vast in its benefits, Kombucha is something to consider adding into your life if you’re improving your diet and lifestyle! Choc full of B vitamins with palatable flavored undertones from organic teas, each Kombucha brand is unique in its taste and KeVita brand is no exception! This company seems to have figured out the perfect quantities and ingredients to enlighten the taste-buds.


KeVita offers a wide range of drinks from 3 lines: the Master Brew Kombucha, Sparkling Probiotic Drinks, and the Cleansing Probiotic Tonics. I haven’t ventured into all of the lines as yet because I seem to have gotten stuck on 2 flavors of the Master Brew–the Lavender Melon and the Grapefruit.


If I’m struggling to get my day started, the Grapefruit flavor completely brightens my mind, awakens my soul AND brings me into the land of the living; If I’m frazzled, the Lavender Melon somehow seems to soothe, calm, then slowly lulls my brain cells into a comfortable focused state. Having tried most flavors (except maybe 2), I find it interesting how each flavor tastefully provides different AWESOME “feels”. Could be because this brand is masterfully crafted and infused with 80 mg of caffeine, 4 billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units) of live probiotics, 6 different B vitamins, and 6x the organic acids as other leading brands in each bottle. So not only are you getting those wonderful brain sharpening B vitamins that super-charges your focusing power, AND the fabulous fermented gut-goddess, but with each gulp you feel completely alive!


This brand has completely infiltrated my “love-list” and  after 2 sessions of drinking I was completely hooked. Yeah-yeah–could be the caffeine but I’m pretty sure its so much more than that. See…all ingredients used are as “clean” as it comes in the clean-eating movement so all fears can be eliminated in reference to things like colors, flavors and ingredients which tend to be disturbingly low in quality in conventional items and brands. You are simply provided with real ingredients and in the best quality! If you’re into “clean-eating” and beneficial drinks, my closing synopsis is 6 tantalizing reasons to add the KeVita Master Brew Kombucha (and other drinks) into your life:

  1. Completely USDA Certified Organic-all ingredients are free of synthetic pesticides, chemicals, artificial colors, dyes etc…
  2. Verified Non-GMO -no genetic engineered crap here.
  3. Gluten-Free-great for folks with gluten intolerance or Caeliac Disease.
  4. Certified VEGAN-free of all animal products, by-products including DAIRY.
  5. Verified Non-Alcoholic-not many Kombucha brands can substantiate this because of the the fermenting process-so no accidental bubbly-tipsy-lip-slurred experience (I’m saying this from experience lol!)
  6. Sparkly-DELICIOUS-Really-is there any other reason to add anything into your diet and lifestyle?

You can find this brand at both Fresh Market locations so if you’re in the mood, its there waiting for you!


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